What the heck is a Virago? Glad you asked

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A virago is a woman with passion, strength and courage. Think of the movers, shakers and history makers we admire. The women who fight against all odds and refuse to settle for anything less than what they deserve. The women with vision, drive and purpose who inspire and empower us to be our best selves. Here at the virago we honour these women and catch a glimpse into their moments of passion, strength and courage. These women are not perfect of course, and therefore neither are their stories. So we share the whole picture: the journey, the missteps, the struggles, and the honest and relatable truths in the hope that we can all recognize that’s there’s a virago within all of us. We are all capable of greatness, in all our flawed glory; our dreams are possible, our passions can be realized and we can live rich, fulfilling lives. This is the goal. It’s no doubt easier for some than for others, but there’s strength in numbers and by supporting the endeavours of the women around us, we create a framework that can bolster us all. So welcome to a place of inspiration and community, where you will be equipped with stories like your own that you can learn from, grow from and dream from. Welcome viragos!


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