Jessica Mowforth: Powerhouse Holistic Diva

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Jessica MowforthThe owner of The Bone Natural Pet Boutique and a self-proclaimed Powerhouse Holistic Diva, Jessica Mowforth is the first to admit she doesn’t quite “fit in” with the pet industry. For one thing, in an industry where retail outlets are often owned by pet lovers and pet fanatics, hers is the only one of its kind in the province, owned and operated by a Registered Holistic Nutritionist™. Clearly an animal lover herself, her practice and commitment to whole wellness is mirrored in her personal path, as she advocates for more balance and inclusivity within the holistic sphere.

 “It can be pretty judgmental, and I know people might judge me because I eat meat for example – it’s organic, but some people see a problem with that. Or that I enjoy a glass of wine sometimes. I’m always holistic, but I’m a human being too.”

 And it’s that humanity that immediately endears you to the entrepreneur who acknowledges every strength and weakness. She’s a strong personality with a solid background in sport nutrition and holistic nutrition, even owning and operating a pre and post natal company at one point, assisting women and couples with fertility issues and overall holistic health. She understands though that running a business is a whole different ball game. Trial and error she calls it, and it’s a learning curve she seems to be navigating with care and deliberation.

 It’s interesting to think that the Holistic Diva herself was actually on the fast track to becoming a police officer. In talking about how her life plans have ebbed and flowed over the years, she’s unapologetic in the role that being a woman, and being her own type of woman, has played in influencing her business and career goals.

 “I was going through the testing and the interviews, and then I got into a relationship, and I thought to myself, I want to be a mom one day, and I can’t see myself leaving my kids on Christmas morning to go help someone else’s family.” She’d always had an interest in nutrition, and thought she’d try her hand at forging it into a career. Interestingly enough, the same critics who had once taken issue with her aspirations to join the force as a woman had new criticisms and concerns about this “holistic hippie nonsense.” Just goes to show, you can’t please everyone.

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When asked about her biggest pet peeve in running her business, she doesn’t hold back.

 “For the entire first year that I ran [the business], I’d always get the question, from everyone, what male support do I have behind my business. Is it a dad, a husband, a boyfriend?”

 She admits to not fully understanding how to answer that question, but found that a stinging retort four months ago immediately shut down anyone who questioned the source of her success: “Last time I checked, I didn’t need a penis to sign a cheque.” (Writer’s note: She didn’t say “penis,” which may make us love her more.)

 She’s pro-woman and strong-minded, and shares her own struggles in becoming a successful business owner in her own right in the hopes that it empowers other women to push through with their aspirations as well. Her advice: “I ran myself into the ground for one year, working sixteen hour days and being at the store from open to close. When I got my life back, the little things – being able to prep my food and go to the gym – it made me more effective. That was important for me.”

You can find Jessica and The Bone Natural Pet Boutique at 145 Kingston Road E, Unit 6 in Ajax, Ontario. You can also catch up with her on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, her official website, or as a nutritional expert on Global TV. is a newly defined platform, aiming to provide an avenue for women to create and/or share their own visions for business and financial success while embracing their femininity as an ASSET, owning their self-imposed and self-actualized definitions of “pretty”.

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