New AI Solution Will Increase Your Conversion Rate

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Are you one of the many entrepreneurs spending 80 per cent of your marketing dollars on getting traffic to your website but not getting conversions in return?

Sarosha Imtiaz of Aiva Labs, along with her co-founder Adnan Somani, are on a mission to change the way business owners understand their users and help them start achieving their conversion goals.

If you’re not familiar with website conversion, it’s the most important factor for the success of your business online. Having great conversions mean you’re getting users to do what you want them to do which can range from buying a product, service or entering an email – most likely a revenue stream. Triggers such as “subscribe now” or buy buttons are call-to-actions (CTAs) that prompt a user to interact with your site the way you would like them to. When you have effective call-to-actions this in turn increases conversions and thus revenue.

Earlier this year, leading a small team of developers the two realized a flaw in the market that was creating a major hindrance for business owners who wanted to continually have strong CTAs.

Currently, the widely used method of creating effective CTAs requires a designer to create and implement various design concepts, test them over a period of time and then execute the design. With the landscape of the tech industry, and the way users interact with the web, always rapidly changing, this process is slow and expensive and many times need to be repeated in a short time span to keep up with user trends.

“Instead of having fluctuations in your conversions, we’re trying to find ways that your conversions are always getting better,” says Sarosha of their software which will soon become available to the public.

Their goal is to democratize design by helping to take the guess work out of website design. So, instead of making an educated guess when you design your website and your call-to-actions and then redesign based on user response, their software offers a flexible template that carries out continual learning on what’s working and what isn’t on your website. The way it’s able to do this is by their machine learning technology (ML) where Aiva gathers data from live traffic and performs intelligent and automatic A/B testing of what’s working. Aiva offers automatic A/B tests for various design elements: colours, fonts, buttons, templates, in order for them to change or adapt to their most effective configuration. You just need to create one CTA and they create and change to different variations for you automatically. The system generates different variations based on what works. If users interact with it on your website, great, if not alternative CTAs will be generated to ensure that the visitor converts — saving you time and making you money. Aiva delivers immediate results so you can implement the most effective CTA structure and start achieving your conversion goals.

“We are similar to Google Analytics but we identify how the users behave on your website in terms of your call-to-actions. We’re targeting them based on their geographics and also their psychographics and what basically motivates them,” says Sarosha.

Although similar intelligence software exists like SumoMe their templates are pricier and only offer manual A/B testing.

And don’t worry, despite the heavy technical jargon, Aiva is relatively easy to be installed and utilized, very little technical expertise is required in order to make dynamic changes to your website.

When launched Ava will be able to be integrated seamlessly with WordPress and Shopify, or you can opt to embed a one-line Javascript into your website directly.

Aiva’s basic version is set to offer 250 free flexible templates which can be edited using an interface similar to photoshop to manually create more effective CTAs according to your website’s needs. Their pro version and primary service offering will be offered at just $25 per month where you create one CTA and Aiva will create and change to different variations for you automatically. It includes five machine learning call-to-actions and access to all 250 templates. An enterprise version will also be available in the future for web design agencies.


Check back soon for our special feature with Sarosha who’s currently studying her masters in Life Sciences at McMaster University. You’ll learn how she plans to bring her worlds together and make innovative changes in the health care industry.


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