R. Devine: Plant-based Holistic Skin Care

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toupe7When Rachel started experimenting with various holistic skin care formulations in 2014, she had no idea that in two short years her skin care line R. Devine Skin Care would be carried at 20 locations across North America, or become the first line of holistic products to be used at the Marriott Hotel in Niagara Falls.

With over 12 years of experience as an aesthetician, Rachel has always been passionate about skin care and providing the best products and services to her clients. Her products offer just that: sustainable, organic, holistic, hand-crafted in Canada and committed to 100 per cent ethical sourcing. Rachel’s dedication to using only the best ingredients, her authenticity with her clients and as a brand, and the effectiveness of her products have earned her much recognition in the field including 18 reader choice awards, three national awards, a 40 under 40 award and a 2016 Alumni of Distinction Award.

“I remember being taught in esthetic school that you should never allow clients into your personal life but my success has just really come from being authentic. It builds a better clientele,” says Rachel about her approach and what she feels has made the difference in her life and her business.

Rachel’s journey into entrepreneurship started in 2012 with the launch of a then clinical-based skin care line. But after delving more into the production side of skin care, she began to learn about the toxicity of some of the ingredients that were being used and decided to completely reform her brand and reformulate her line.

“As I was learning more and more about these ingredients I was referring back to my skin care products and realizing that a couple of those preservatives were actually in my skin care line and consciously I could no longer give those products to my clients. I have a responsibility to protect my clients,” says Rachel.

In August 2015, she launched R. Devine, a plant-based holistic skin care line made with raw, unrefined and certified organic ingredients to “make you feel beautiful in your own skin,” as her website describes. Her main driving force was to create a solution for the 54 per cent of women in North America suffering from adult acne, an 18 per cent increase in the last 15 years.

“…that’s because women have a lot more on their plate. Women are constantly busy and technology has not helped with that. We live in a society that it’s cool to be busy and we’re not supposed to have down time. If you have nothing to do then it’s a bad thing and we just put so much pressure and stress on ourselves and once you are stressed out your hormones change and stress directly affects hormones. The majority of adult acne is caused by hormones,” says Rachel.

After numerous success stories, R. Devine Skin Care has proven to be an effective and natural solution for adult acne, in addition to providing many unique products that work on various skin types. Rachel’s greatest reward has been “seeing people’s skin change and seeing a change in their self-esteem.”

As Rachel transitions from offering spa services to focusing on R. Devine, her priority is to continue educating the public about holistic skin care and helping aestheticians move away from harmful mainstream products. She also plans on catering primarily to small businesses who many times have very limited options for holistic spa products that they can carry.

She’ll be sure to remain a cut above the rest by continuing to offer her line at more affordable prices. “Everything in the organic industry is insanely priced. I want people taking care of themselves so my price points are more affordable than most skin care lines. I don’t want to be that brand that people say ‘I wish I could use that.’”

Rachel’s commitment to providing the best products and making them as accessible as possible is truly reflective of the genuine nature of everything she does and stands for.

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