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5 ways journaling can change your life

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Journaling is one of those things that many think of as a “nice to have” activity but never really get around to doing it consistently. In the midst of never-ending to-do lists, it’s difficult to squeeze in “journaling” as a priority. But here are some of the powerful benefits of putting pen to paper that might make you run out and buy a notebook.

Some call it honesty
Where else can you be completely honest? A place where no biases exist, no obligations, no expectations. You can be as raw and as real as you want. It’s this element of journaling that makes it truly powerful and if action is taken, it can be a catalyst in effecting significant change in your life. Writing with candor will give your introspection that is rare to find anywhere else. For this reason, journaling can also be very intimidating because we don’t necessarily always want to know the truth about how we feel about our job, our spouse, our life, for example. But facing life head-on is a key way to start carving a path to true fulfillment.

Am I cool yet?
You just might be. Journaling is a great way to document your life, chronicling your hopes, dreams, fears and accomplishments. Remember, to be honest, and don’t sell yourself short – it’s your sanctuary. Every few months, or make it a yearly activity, look back at the previous months and you’ll have a unique perspective on what your life is like – you’ll then have more insight into either changing things or appreciating the life you’ve created.

What feelings?
Slow down and get in touch with how you really feel – not how you think you feel. Writing about something that’s affecting you is extremely cathartic and has a tendency to unearth a deeper understanding of why we feel the way we do. This is especially helpful for those who have difficulty being aware of your feelings and can help remove emotional blockages. Connecting with your inner thoughts help you feel more comfortable in acknowledging certain emotions and helps with communicating more empathically or sympathetically to others.

Creative juices, yum!
Increased creativity is known to boost the brain’s capacity for learning as neural activity across hemispheres increases. You’ll be sure to enhance your writing skills but also feel inspired in other creative ways. If you’re a writer it’s a great exercise to keep your writing chops in shape. It also can increase your grasp of language and communication skills in day to day life.

Let it go, let it go
We all have baggage, why not drop it off on a page. Scribble it out or even draw a few caricatures to get rid of negative thoughts or emotions. Holding onto negative energy can be a major hindrance in the ability to make progress in life. While it’s no replacement for professional therapy it’s a great piece of the puzzle in letting go so you can have more freedom mentally and emotionally to put towards more positive and uplifting things.

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