Short Guided Meditation to Start your Day

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The word has started to spread about the amazing benefits of meditation. It is known to improve health, relieve stress, decrease anxiety, increase energy and improve self- confidence. Here are a few benefits explained and a step by step guide to Nadabrahma meditation.

Boosting the immune system
Meditation has been known to boost the immune system, suggesting that the state of relaxed awareness through meditation can help the body repair itself.

Relief from stress related conditions
Stress is a vital survival mechanism, it is the body’s natural reaction to difficult situations which enables us to make quick decisions and take effective action. When we continuously stress, the body places more strain on our cardiovascular system. Meditation is a way to switch off the flow of stressed hormones, providing relief from stress and can restore the body’s natural balance.

Emotional well-being
People who practice meditation have reported increased self-confidence, self-awareness, clearer thinking and increased creativity.

Nadabrahma Meditation
Nadabrahma Meditation should be performed in the early hours of the morning, make sure you practice with an empty stomach and can remain inactive for fifteen minutes after you have completed.

  1. Sit in a relaxed position with your mouth and eyes closed, start humming to create a vibration within your body, you can hum at a level where you could be heard clearly by people in the room. While doing this you can visualize a hollow tube or empty vessel, filled with the love and vibration of your sound vibrations from humming. Soon the humming will reach a point where you can listen to your own vibrations. You can breathe as normal and move your body in tune with your own vibration. Try and hold this technique for thirty minutes.
  2. The second part of this guided meditation is divided into two sections. In the first part of your meditation move the hands and palms up in an outwards circular motion. Starting at the navel, both of your hands can move forward then divide to make two larger circles. You can create a mirror of your actions with each hand a reflection of the other. This should be a slow movement and feel that you are giving your energy outward to the universe.
  3. After you have practiced this for ten minutes, turn your palms hands down and move them in the opposite direction, your hands should come together at your navel and then split outwards towards the side of your body. Feel that you are taking energy in.You can now remain still for fifteen minutes remaining absolutely.
  4. You can now remain still for fifteen minutes remaining absolutely quiet.
  5. When you are on our way to work, sitting on the bus, train or in your car, start becoming aware. While you are doing your routines become relaxed, there is no need to be tense. Tension is not outside of yourself it is within you.

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