National Housing Strategy includes a gender-lens

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On November 2, 2017, over 100 YWCA staff and volunteers from across Canada visited Parliament Hill to lobby for a gender-lens on the National Housing Strategy. Their message: Women and girls need safe affordable housing and emergency shelter and supportive programs. Last week, they welcomed the National Housing Strategy announcement which included the ask for 25 percent of funds to flow directly to projects and services for women, girls, and their families.

As the only national association providing housing and shelter for women and girls across the country, YWCA Canada is hopeful that this announcement will pave the way to safe, affordable housing for women, free from abuse and trauma.

According to YWCA Canada, “Women are the majority of survivors fleeing situations of domestic violence, of seniors, of people with disabilities, and of Indigenous people without a roof over their heads. Without a door to lock safely behind them, women are at great risk of physical, emotional and psychological harm.”

The National Housing Strategy investment announced in the federal budget of 2017 was $11 billion, following which the budget promotion suggested that the investment would really amount to housing supports between $16-25 billion. The announcement yesterday is $40 billion over 10 years, which is a mix of federal investment of funding, loans and land, plus potential matching funds and other investments from provinces and territories.

“YWCA Hamilton is thrilled to have been part of a movement on Parliament Hill that has resulted in action. A gender-lens on the National Housing Strategy is a large step forward to ensuring all women have a safe and affordable place to live,” said Medora Uppal, YWCA Hamilton Director of Operations.

About YWCA Hamilton

YWCA Hamilton strengthens women’s and girls’ voices, broadens their choices, builds dynamic leadership and provides essential and meaningful services that promote safe, inclusive, and equitable communities. We are committed to ensuring that women and girls have the rights, resources, and opportunities to shape their own lives and define their communities.


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